Ac Repair | Installation Service in Navi Mumbai
Ac Repair | Installation Service in Navi Mumbai

Air Conditioner Installation and Repair Services in Navi Mumbai

We provide air conditioner installation and repair services in Navi Mumbai.

Installation service:

The process of AC installation includes the laying of pipe, installation of indoor unit brackets, installation of the outdoor unit, connecting the indoor & outdoor unit with piping and setting up electrical connections. While getting through the AC installation process, if you want any extra services materials like pipes, gas charging, electrical wires, bracket, stands to conceal for piping, electrical switch etc then you have to pay extra money besides the basic prices of installation.

AC Installation at Your Doorstep

      • Certified AC Installation Technicians
      • 30 Days Service Guarantee
      • 100% Service Satisfaction

Repair service:

We cover all the defects that an air conditioner might develop with time in our repair service. Few of them are listed below.

      • AC unit gas refilling and leak repairs:

To keep the system running, gas refilling is to be done in timely manner, ac leaks happens when the pressure is low. We do start repair call after giving it a thorough check for leaks, the presence of which will render gas charging futile. We take special efforts to ensure the leaks are properly taken care of before any further step.

      • Dry servicing:

At times, the air conditioners smooth running can come to a standstill because of a dust and non-cleaning over long period of time. In our dry servicing we clean the entire unit – both indoor and outdoor by means of a blower.

      • Replacement of compressors:

Compressors have one of the most important functions in an AC – of circulating the refrigerant. A compressor however fall victim to the electricity variations and other electric problems. That spurs the need to replace the compressor. We provide compressor replacement and repair services within warranty period.

      • Replacement of aluminum coils:

Another component that might need a replacement is aluminum coils. The need for replacement is primarily caused due to the presence of leaks in the coils that result due to rusting. The air conditioning repair service that we provide offers a replacement to it in the form of copper coils. They are strong and more durable in nature.

      • Repairing circuits:

One of the most reasons for AC failure is faulty circuits, because of which the commands given by the remote control are not properly responded. With professional repair works, we piece it together so that it is up and running again. We fix AC circuits and make them work as new.

      • Capacitors Replacement:

Capacitors also need replacement. With time, they show signs of weakness. The air conditioner, as a result, will stop functioning in the desired manner and hence cause less cooling problems. Our AC service includes capacitor replacement services as well.

How we are the best?

We believe our air conditioner installation and repair service is the best option for you. There are quite a few reasons why we are confident about the quality of our services.

      • We are easily reachable. It only requires you to make a call to us and book a service.
      • Our team of AC technicians in Navi Mumbai lands at your doorstep to do the installation or repair work. This will rid you of the unenviable task of taking your AC to the repair shop or searching for installation vendor.
      • We value the customer more than anything else. Our team of technician is specially trained to interact with the customers efficiently. We make it a point to be cordial and respectful to our customers.
      • We install, repair and deal in all types of Air conditioner.
      • We offer our services at reasonable rates.

Our installation, repair and maintenance services are top notch and we believe in providing quality services at low affordable cost with transparency.

Contact us for AC Installation and repair in Navi Mumbai without any hesitation.

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